1. Call or email for a quote

We'll let you know how much your job will cost and how long we think it will take to complete. If you'd like we can even do a FREE digital proof for you so you know it's exactly what you want. 

2. Schedule a drop-off

We're open Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm so there's always a convienient time to drop off your project. Need to drop off outside of business hours? Just let us know, we'll work with you.

3. Get a call when it's ready

When you're all set we'll give you a call and let you know the work has been finished. Most orders take 24-48 hours. You can pick it up or we can ship it back to you!



1. Call Ahead

Need your item TODAY? Most typical small scale jobs are eligible for same day service. Since same-day jobs require immediate attention, please call ahead to confirm we have availability. 

2. Get it D-O-N-E Done.

Drop your item off at your earliest convenience. We've pulled off some miracles in the past, but keep in mind most same day orders must come in before 2:00 pm. Ask at the shop if your item is eligible for "while you wait".

3. SDS Fee

Since same day jobs disrupt the timing of other jobs we typically charge a $15.00 SDS Fee for jobs that must be done the same day. 



1. Get a quote

Can't make it in, ever? No sweat. Call or email us to get a quote. Make sure to look out for the follow up digital proof - required for all mail order jobs to begin production.

2. Mail it

Drop your item in the mail, you're shipping that to:

Monroe Laser Engraving

320 N Washington Street

Suite 112

Rochester, NY 14625

3. Pay your invoice

Your invoice is due before we ship your item back, so make sure to take care of that when you get it so we can get your stuff right back to you. All mail from Monroe Laser is sent USPS Priorty Mail and you'll see a line item for the shipping costs on your invoice.