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How much does it cost to have something engraved?

So you've found the perfect gift (or received it!) and you're ready to have it engraved! That's great, but what are the costs involved in getting something like that done? Turns out it's not as bad as you think.

The cost of engraving can vary greatly though, depending on a few factors. Things like:

1. The size of the engraving

2. The material being engraved

3. Special setup that may be required

Clearly, the cost of engraving a 20" curved wine barrel lid would be much more expensive than a small steel money clip. But how much more expensive? While we typically quote each job individually there are definitely some solid price ranges we can share with you. Remember that these are estimates and costs will vary from job to job - but these should give you an idea of what you're going to spend.

Basic Metal Jobs Zippos, bottle openers, knives, USB drives and other small metal items: 1: $25.00 2-24: $12.00/pc 25-49: $8.00/pc 50-99: $6.00/pc 100-199: $3.00/pc 200+: $2.00/pc

Large Flat Organic Jobs (wood plaques, wood panels, acrylic sheets)

$0.80 per square inch - $25.00 minimum

Basic Organic Jobs Small wood objects like boxes and trinkets, acrylic tags or keychains, etc. 1: $25.00 2-24: $10.00/pc 25-49: $6.00/pc 50-99: $4.00/pc 100-199: $3.00/pc 200+: $2.00/pc

[Bottles] Cost of Bottles + 1: $25.00 2-9: $15.00/pc 10-24: $12.00/pc 25-50: $10.00/pc 50-99: $8.00/pc 99+: $6.00/pc

[Coasters] Cost of Materials + 1: $25.00 2-8: $6.00/pc 9-64: $5.00/pc 65+: $4.00/pc

[Business Cards] Acrylic, Aluminum, Wood Cost of Materials + 1: $25.00 2-99: $5.00/pc 100-199: $3.00/pc 200+: $2.00/pc

[Leather Patches] *Prices doubled to include cleaning/finishing* Cost of Materials + 1: $25.00 2-9: $7.00/pc 10-99: $4.00/pc 100-199: $3.00/pc 200+: $2.00/pc

Obviously we haven't covered everything here but please feel free to reach out and get a quote for your project! We'd love to hear your story!

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